Poetry & Book Reviews

The following is a list of poetry available online:

Split Rock Review, “Rumex acetosella”

The Museum of Americana, “Appalachian Ghazal”, “Appalachian Superstitions as Told to the Poet”

Razor Literary Magazine, “Questionnaire for Indeterminate Purposes”

Town Creek, “Why You Should Go Outside at 4:40 am in November”

*82 Review, “Back Sight”“The Shape of Love”“I have never understood”

NANO Fiction, “Ben Affleck is My Lover”

 Coal Hill Review, “Witness”

STILL, “Citrullus lanatus,” Citrus sinensis,” “Houstonia caerulea,”Oxydendrum arborteum”

Drafthorse, “Mirror Image,” “The Way It Is,” “Tongue Tied”

New Southerner, “Dictum”

Fried Chicken & Coffee, “Greasy Creek,” “Vonda”

Literal Latte, “Igneous or ‘of fire’


Book Reviews by Rosemary:

Candescent by Linda Parsons, Poetry Matters, September 2020

The Leopard Lady: A Life in Verse by Valerie Nieman, Poetry Matters, Jan 2020

Bright Stain by Francesca Bell, Poetry Matters, March 2019

House Repairs by Angela Jackson-Brown, Poetry Matters, September 2018

Dreadful Wind and Rain by Diane Gilliam, STILL, summer 2017

Tree Heresies by William Wright, Appalachian Heritage, Volume 43, Issue 4, Fall 2015

Living Above the Frost Line by Nancy Simpson, Prairie Schooner, Volume 86, Number 1, Spring 2012