What I Read in 2017

My friend Denton Loving published his list of books read in 2017, and reading his inspired me to do my own (Thanks, Denton). While I failed to keep my blog as updated as I would like, the good news is that I never stopped reading, even with all the challenges and joys daily life allots. So below is my list, and today I start my 2018 list! Happy New Year to all!

  1. Sex Object, Jessica Valenti
  2. The Girls, Emma Kline
  3. The Unbearable LIghtness of Being, Milan Kundera
  4. How to Be a Woman, Caitlin Moran
  5. MicroFiction, Jerome Stern, editor
  6. The Folded Clock, Heidi Julavits
  7. Ongoingness, Sarah Manguso
  8. I’m Supposed to Protect You from All of This, Nadja Speigelman
  9. Fast Girl, Suzy Faror Hamilton
  10. So Sad Today, Melissa Broder
  11. Evacuation, Wendy Ortiz
  12. Birds of Opulence, Crystal Wilkinson
  13. Inertia: A Study, Melissa Helton
  14. All Fall Down, Jennifer Weiner
  15. Department of Speculation, Jenny Offil
  16. Paint It Black, Janet Fitch
  17. i hate to see the evening sun go down, William Gay
  18. A Really Good Day, Ayelet Waldman
  19. Stag’s Leap, Sharon Olds
  20. Past Perfect, Cate McDowell
  21. Fierce Attachments, Vivian Gornick
  22. Dreadful Wind and Rain, Diane Gilliam
  23. The Camera My Mother Gave Me, Susanna Kaysen
  24. Imagine me Gone, Adam Haslett
  25. Innocents and Others, Dana Spiotta
  26. The Hot One, Carolyn Murnick
  27. South & West, Joan Didion
  28. More, Now, Again, Elizabeth Wurtzel
  29. Men We Reaped, Jesmyn Ward
  30. Heating and Cooling, Beth Ann Fennelly
  31. Misfits Manifesto, Lidia Yuknavitch
  32. My Fair Junkie, Amy Dresner
  33. Transit, Rachel Cusk
  34. Someone with a Little Hammer, Mary Gaitskill
  35. Chanel Bonfire, Wendy Lawless
  36. Sunshine State, Sarah Gerard
  37. The Guardians, Sarah Manguso
  38. 300 Arguments, Sarah Manguso
  39. Bukowski in a Dress, Kim Addonizio


4 thoughts on “What I Read in 2017

  1. You have read so much! I’m impressed, Rosemary! I think this year I’ll try to keep track of the titles I read. I wouldn’t even know where to begin for what I started in 2017.


  2. If I kept a reading list, it might be longer than yours, but there would not be so many that I could recommend to anyone else. May try to list the best ones. (FYI, I do have trouble remembering details of even those! No surprise there.)
    Since I changed my email address was afraid I’d missed some of your latest blogs, so today I made sure WordPress has my new one. It would help to know it is now in effect. Read on…and on…and on!


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