Finding the Trinity

trinity  I know it’s not officially spring yet, but she was present this last Sunday.  Because the weather was warm and I could not sit on the couch (with all its dog hair) anymore, I spent the day outside.  I dug around in my herb garden — saw that the chives are three-fourths out of the ground, and that the oregano is poking through the dead weeds I’d yet to tug out.  I was more than happy to pull out the spring onions (they are stubborn), and to remove the dead rosemary (I’m okay, thanks).  Next I walked down to the pond, and wandered/wondered in the woods.  Weather like yesterday is holy in its perfection, and when I looked up to the sky I happened to do so around these three trees (technically there are four, but that’s not the point).  The point is this:  I thought of the Trinity.  Even though the Trinity is often thought of as mainly masculine, I found it in the feminine — exactly where I need to find it, to balance out the imbalances.  Isn’t she beautiful?


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