Splitting the Soil

Image I’m pleased to share that my first book of poems (a chapbook), is now available from Finishing Line Press.  Years ago, I had a press lined up to print my book, but things didn’t work out.  At the time, I was crushed.  But in the end, it was a good thing, as this collection is much more world-worthy, meaning the poems are those that not only mean a lot to me, but have been vetted by others (editors) who also found them worthy of sharing.  

It’s not a comfortable thing for me to promote my own work, but I know in the past more than one person has shared with me that a poem resonated with her/him.  And that, to me, is a success.  Being about 90% existentialist, if my words can make one person feel less lonely, less anxious, less “nauseated” in this existence, then I feel I’ve done something good in this world.  The poems in this little collection (a chapbook is usually less than 30 poems), range from nature/gardening, sensuality, birth, pure silliness, to my own found sanctuary. Whether you are a poet or not, I think you’ll find something of interest, and certainly something accessible. 

I make it a habit to line my bookshelves with books (fiction, CNF, poetry) of others.  Finishing Line Press does a lovely job, and several of my Spalding friends, GA poets, and many others have a home here on my own little library in the mountains of north Georgia.  I encourage you to give a book to someone this season — whether it’s mine or not — but share what moves you.  It makes the world a better and less lonely place.


3 thoughts on “Splitting the Soil

  1. Lovely ad, Rosemary! Please make sure Joan Howard gets this. She said that she had not heard from you about your book.

    Janice said Luke and Sage are sick. I started to call, but figured you have your hands full. Hope they are better. Let me know when you can. Had a great critique with Janice, Mary and Linda Jones ( who is so smart and a hoot).

    Had 2 poems accepted by The South Carolina Review: Brown Bear and In My Next Life. Happy.


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