Counting Carbs, a very short play



Son, recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes



Booth next to window, local Mexican restaurant.

Mom (to waiter): Do you know how many carbs are in your chicken soup?

Waiter: (confused look). Sorry?

Mom: Do you know how many sugars are in your soup?

Waiter: Okay! (smiles broadly)

Ten minutes later, the waiter returns.  He places five sugar packets next to the boy’s soup bowl.

Mother and son look at one another, break-out in laughter, and place the packets in the diabetes backpack.


5 thoughts on “Counting Carbs, a very short play

  1. So funny. I can relate. Like asking people not to spray my room in a motel with air fresheners. Duh!!
    Fifteen years ago I had to start the counting carbs program. You have to laugh and find the humor in whatever you can. When you can’t see the label, you have to work hard at staying on the diabetes program.
    But many young people grow up and do all the things they want to do, athletically and otherwise, because they learn all they can about diabetes and how to live with it. Good luck.


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