Aphrodite Energy

What do you think of when you think of Aphrodite?  I’m sure the term “aphrodisiac” comes to mind for many of us…  I personally visualize Botticelli’s Birth of Venus (Venus was the Roman name for the Greek Aphrodite).  Botticelli’s  painting depicts a very sensual, long-haired woman who resembles sculptures of Aphrodite.  But while Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty, her energy actually inspires more than just physical connection – Aphrodite energy is the energy from which creative work emerges.  I was reminded of this as I sat in a room with other writers last Saturday during a class I taught.  We ended class with prompts, and each of us wrote a poem because Aphrodite was in the room.  The three hours flew by for me (and I hope for my fellow writers!) because I was engaged in an act I am passionate about – writing.    

I think about Aphrodite energy in a new way because I’m reading Jean Shinoda Bolen’s Goddesses in Everywoman.  ALL women, and men who want to understand women better, should read this book.  Bolen describes each Greek goddess with a psychological profile of sorts, and any woman can read this book and see herself in a myriad of ways.  Bolen has taken a Jungian approach but made it feminine, providing archetypes specific to women in women we’ve read about – Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Persephone, Aphrodite, etc.  As a writer and as someone who is becoming more in tune with the energy that flows through me on a daily basis, I found this ability to identify Aphrodite energy very powerful.  Engaging in creativity is a way of feeding the self, of living life to its fullest.  Calling on our Aphrodite energy is a way to welcome creativity into our day.  It is the energy that makes time slip away while simultaneously allowing us to bring something new to life.  If you are like me, you fall in love with your creations.  I fall in love with each new poem, and cannot edit it until the “glow” has begun to lose its luster.  I crave that quiet time I have to create because I leave myself and everyday troubles and go somewhere marvelous, regardless of the material I’m working on.  I think this is true for many writers, so let’s hear it for Aphrodite and the energy she brings to us.  It is something to celebrate!


2 thoughts on “Aphrodite Energy

  1. Rosemary, your class at Writers Circle was inspiring for me. I’ve heard only good things from others and I have been doing some creative writing myself.
    I can’t thank you enough and I hope there will be more classes with you in the future at Writers Circle.


  2. Rosemary, thanks for “Aphrodite’s Energy.” Undoubtably, that is the energy all see and hear coming from you as you read and teach. Keep her flowing!


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